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LIQUID GOLD Quick and Easy Bond Dissolver
 Item Code : NTLGGRD
 Weight : 4 Ounces
 Color shown : NA
 Weft Style : LIQUID GOLD
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Liquid Gold Remover 4Ounces - $19.00
Liquid Gold Remover 8Ounces - $25.00

Description: LIQUID GOLD is much easier, faster and safer to remove than the others, even though it bonds much stronger. This is because the LIQUID GOLD REMOVER dissolves the bond instead of just making it wet with oil base solutions that will remove the weft, but leave most of the bonding glue clinging to the hair in a pasty, sticky form. This causes; hair breakage when you attempt to remove it by repeated combing. Due to the fact that LIQUID GOLD bonding system bonds so much stronger, only LIQUID GOLD BOND REMOVER will remove LIQUID GOLD BONDER. This remover will also safely dissolve and remove other brands of bonding glue, however other bands will not remove the LIQUID GOLD BOND.

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